square metrage: 75m2

scope of work: design of electrical, water and sewage installations changes, interior design, preparation for major renovation of the apartment

A thorough renovation of a 4-room apartment in a building from the early 1990s. In the apartment, the wall between the living room, the kitchen and the entrance hall was demolished, which visually significantly increased the space. In addition, the closed kitchen was abandoned in favor of a kitchenette, thanks to which an open space of almost 30m2 was created. The walls were repainted in bright colors, which significantly lit up the apartment which is located on the ground floor. In the apartment all installations have been redesigned and replaced (electrical, internet, water, sewage, gas has been cut off and a three-phase socket is connected to the induction hob). All furniture in the apartment has been designed by our studio and made by our carpenter. There are no curtains in the windows, but interesting and practical roller blinds.

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